Genealogical Information

The newspaper digitization project was completed in 2013. We now have fifty years of the Record American available on four computers in the research room of the historical society.


Throughout 2014 we have been busy digitizing cemetery records, directories, maps, photos and more.


Please e-mail us on the CONTACT page to let us know what your are looking for. We'll help if we can.


Another source of genealogical information is the Mahanoy City-Mahanoy Township Alumni Yahoo Group . Click the link below for more information.




The Mahanoy Area Historical Society is located on the first floor of the Rhoades Center at 1-7 West Center Street in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania.










Research Room






About the Mahanoy Area Historical Society


Mahanoy City, situated at the intersection of Route 339 and Route 54, is a gateway into the region from the east and from the north via Route 81. This community has a great sense of pride and volunteer support. Mahanoy City will enhance its downtown and promote its sense of community and low-cost of living. It will be a clean, green and safe community and create a place where people want to live and work.


The Mahanoy Area Historical Society is seeking new members. Please consider joining our society. Even if you can't be an active member, your membership dues help our society to do a more effective job in preserving our history and enhancing our community. Our Society is dedicated to serve not simply Mahanoy City, but the entire area encompassed by the Mahanoy Area High School District. This would include Mahanoy Township, Gilberton, Maizeville, St. Nicholas, Wiggans, Delano, Barnesville, Park Place, and so forth. If your interests lie in any of these communities, please join us so we can work together.


By-Laws of the Mahanoy Area Historical Society


Download a Membership Form


Membership Form




Membership is open to anyone interested in preserving the history of the Mahanoy Area; however, only members in good standing are eligible to vote. Dues are payable by January 1st of each year.


The dues structure for membership in the Mahanoy Area Historical Society is as follows:



Family - $15.00

Individual - $10.00











The Mahanoy Area Historical Society welcomes the general public to make donations in any amount.


Memorial donations will be recorded in the Memorial Book in the deceased person's name.; memorial donations of $300.00 and above will warrant the person's name on a brass plaque on the Memorial Board. All memorial donations will be deposited in a special memorial fund account.


The Historical Society appreciates your generosity. Your donation will help us to preserve the history of the Mahanoy area. To donate please send a check to:



Mahanoy Area Historical Society

P.O. Box 127

Mahanoy City, PA 17948

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