The mission of the Mahanoy Area Historical Society is to preserve and protect the history of the Mahanoy Area, and to work toward the restoration, revitalization and future of the community.




The name of the organization shall be the "Mahanoy Area Historical Society."




Membership is open to anyone interested in preserving the history of the Mahanoy Area; however, only members in good standing are eligible to vote.  All delinquent members will be notified if dues are not paid within six months after January 1st of each year. Allegations submitted in writing of a member destroying or stealing property, or of actions that discredit the society shall be reviewed at a closed session of the executive committee. Recommendations shall be submitted at the next regular meeting, with a majority vote required to terminate membership.




Annual dues shall be $15 for a family and $ 10 for an individual . Dues are payable by January 1st of each year.
Donors are Angel-  $1,000, Benefactor - $500, Patron - $100. Donors will be acknowledged.
Memorial Donors - Donations totaling  $299 will be recorded in the Memorial Book in
the deceased person's name; amounts 0[$300  and above will warrant the persons' name on a brass plate on the Memorial Board.  All memorial donations will be deposited in a special memorial fund account.




Officers of the society shall be: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, financial secretary, and shall be defined as the Executive Committee.  Officers shall serve a two­ year term and be limited to two terms in the same office.  The president shall inform the membership in October of each odd-numbered year of the upcoming elections. He/she shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of three members. Nominations will be made in November and elections held in December.


Members interested in running for office should contact the nominating committee to have their names entered on the ballot. Nominations made from the floor will also be accepted and added to the ballot at the November and December meetings. A written ballot will be prepared for the December meeting with a space for write-in candidates. A quorum of 5 eligible members (paid up as of October) must be present to elect officers. The nominating committee will count the ballots and report the names of the officers to be installed at the January meeting.




President  - The president shall preside at all membership and executive meetings of the society. This officer shall appoint all committee chairpersons, be an ex-officio member of all committees, have general supervision of all the business of the society, and control use of the credit card.


Vice President  - The vice president shall perform all duties of the president in his absence. Inthe event of removal, resignation or death of the president, the vice president shall serve for the remaining term of the president.


Secretary   - The secretary shall prepare minutes for all meetings, prepare and send all society correspondence, and keep a file of all records.


Treasurer  - The treasurer shall have charge of all monetary records of the society. This includes proper use of the tax exemption number, depositing all funds received, paying all bills approved by the society and co-signing all society checks.  They shall prepare and maintain an itemized record of all receipts and expenditures and give a financial report at regular meetings.  Records will be made available for annual audit or when a new
treasurer takes office.


Financial  Secretary  - The financial secretary shall assist the treasurer in keeping all financial records, co-sign all society checks, and monitor the status of all grant requests.


EXECUTIVE  OFFICERS  - All elected officers shall be known as the Executive Committee with the president serving as chairman. This committee shall have the power to take action between regular meetings on matters considered to be an emergency including approval of emergency expenditures of up to $1,000. Emergency actions shall be approved bye-mail or telephone correspondence. Disciplinary recommendations will be reviewed by this committee in accordance with the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order.  Committee may vote on removal of any officer who is absent from three consecutive meetings without a valid reason.  The committee shall replace any officer vacancy other than the president by a majority vote.



The following will be named by the executive committee:


Room Manager  - The room manager will manage and oversee the work of the combined building, artifacts and historical committees, oversee computer operations and training of volunteer help, manage the operation and security of the historical room and storage
areas. They shall establish days and hours the historical room will be open to the public
and manage requests for special visits when the room is not open.  The manager will record and report all cash donations received from room visitors, keep a maximum of $50 in a strong box in the room and submit additional donations to the treasurer. They shall also maintain receipts and record book for items purchased from petty cash funds.


Historian  - The historian shall keep a record of all important events pertaining to the society and prepare an annual historical report to place on file.


Chaplain  - The chaplain shall lead membership in opening prayer at regular meetings and assure representation at society approved religious functions.




MembershipMembership meetings shall be held the last Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM.  A quorum consisting of five members --two officers and three members -- shall be required to legally transact business.


Executive: Executive meetings will be held on the Thursday preceding the monthly meeting or be called by the president as needed. Quorum of three executive officers must be present to conduct an executive meeting. Membership can attend, but have no right to vote. A report of this meeting will be made at the next regular meeting.


Committee:Committee meetings shall be established by committee chairman with a report of actions given at next membership meeting.




Executive - This committee shall include all current elected officers performing duties in accordance with Article V.  An executive meeting shall be held on the Thursday before the regular meeting to review all business and activities that will benefit the society and submit a report at regular meeting for approval of major issues.  This committee shall select a legal or CPA advisor to represent the society in any matters.


Finance - This committee will prepare the annual budget for the society and have general supervision of all expenditures, and maintain records compatible with federal tax 501C (3) and Pennsylvania state taxes.  An annual audit shall be conducted after December 31
and report submitted at the second meeting of the next calendar year. An audit will also be conducted when a new treasurer takes office and the report submitted as soon as possible.  The treasurer and fmancial secretary shall be members of this committee.

Fund Raising - This committee shall initiate society approved projects compatible with tax requirements that increase the funds of the society.
Membership  and Memorial-   This committee shall plan, promote and coordinate membership drives, maintain membership and attendance records as well as maintain Memorial records.


Property  and Historical  Artifacts  - This committee shall be responsible for any actions involved in obtaining and maintaining any property for the society's use, handle the collection, recording, display or storage of all artifacts donated to the society assuring
items are promptly cataloged.


Community  Preservation  - This committee shall assure the public is made aware of the mission, services, and programs of the society, including community preservation, restoration, revitalization, and historical awareness of the area for the development of tourism and economic growth.


Public Relations  and Hospitality  - This committee shall gather and compile information for newsletter to be sent to membership, and submit information to local
news media to keep the public advised of society activities. Greet new members attending their first society meeting and assure appropriate messages are sent to seriously ill members and the family of deceased members when information is known.


Program  and Entertainment   - Prior to January 15t of each year, prepare the yearly scheduled meeting dates including speakers, programs or entertainment to be held after
the regular meeting.


Special Committees - The following shall be known as special committees with the chairman to be appointed by the president:


Audit Committee - Two people shall be appointed at the October meeting to conduct a financial audit and submit a written report at the second meeting of the New Year. An audit will also be conducted when a new treasurer takes office.


Nominating  Committee - This committee consisting of three members will be named at the October meeting of each odd-numbered year when the membership will be advised of the upcoming elections. (Refer to Article IV for details.)


By-Law Committee - The executive committee will continually review the by-laws and establish a committee when amendments are needed.


Suggested Additional  Special Committees will be organized at least three months prior to the special event. - Example committees are: Community Day, Christmas Program and Decorations, Special Parades, Downtown Revitalization, Mall Displays, Liaison with other societies,  Special Fund Raising, and the Website.




The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order (10th Edition) were used as a guide to establish these Mahanoy Area Historical Society By-Laws and shall govern all members of the Mahanoy Area Historical Society. Robert's Rules of Order (lOth edition) shall govern all cases not clearly defined in these by-laws.




The By-Law Committee and Executive Committee may amend by-laws after review. Amended copies shall be distributed and read at the meeting prior to final vote.  A two­ thirds (2/3) vote of members present is required to approve amendments.




Action to dissolve the Mahanoy Area Historical Society can be initiated by the Executive Committee at which time there is a lack of interest, lack of funds, or a mission change of the society. All members shall be notified by mail or e-mail of the resolution to dissolve the society and resolution date. Disbandment resolution shall be presented at the next meeting for a majority approval, which shall include a list of property and artifacts on record.  Should a decision be made to dissolve, the society shall liquidate all assets of the society and pay all outstanding debts.  Any monies remaining shall be divided equally between the Schuylkill County Historical Society and the Mahanoy City Public Library. Any historical documents or artifacts belonging to the society (unless items are on loan or otherwise documented at the time of acceptance) shall be donated to the Mahanoy City Public Library or the Schuylkill County Historical Society. The officers of the society will make this decision at the time of dissolution.


Revised:    November  29,2009
Reviewed:  December 16, 2009
Adopted:   January 28,2010

Frank Senglar, President
Mahanoy Area Historical Society