In December of 1987 local journalist and historian Bill O'Brien began a series of ninety articles entitled Mahanoy City Chronicles which were published in the Evening Herald throughout Mahanoy City's Quasquicentennial year of 1988.


Much of the research for the chronicles was done by another local historian, Lorraine Stanton of Frackville, who was the librarian at Penn State, Schuylkill Campus.


The Mahanoy City Chronicles are one of two outstanding sources of the history of the borough and its surrounding patches. The other major source being Reminiscences of Mahanoy City by Augusta Dillman Thomas which was written in the 1930s.

Below you will find links to the first ten chronicles . Other will follow periodically in the near future. (PTC)


December 4, 1987 - Burgesses in Charge of Law and Order

December11, 1987 - History of an 11 Year-Old Town

December12, 1987 - Early Protestant Churches Listed

December 16, 1987 - Borough is 124 Years Old Today !

December 18, 1987 - Plenty of History in Foundry Row

January 2, 1988 - Adam and Bensinger-Local Business Pioneers

January 8, 1988 - Their Roles Were Significant

January 30, 1988 - A Peek at More Borough Pioneers

Litsch Street - Should Have Been?

It Was a Melting Pot