The regular meeting of the Mahanoy Area Historical Society was held on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 7 PM at the Rhoades Downtown Center.  Attending were:  Paul Coombe, Peg Coombe, Peg Grigalonis, Charles Palulis, Jim Shaup, and Joan Goodman.

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a prayer by Paul Coombe.



The minutes of the September 2016 meeting were read and approved on a motion made by Jim Shaup and seconded by Paul Coombe.  There was no meeting held in October.




The treasurer’s reports for September and October were accepted on a motion made by  Jim Shaup and seconded by Joan Goodman.  Ending balance as of October 31, 2016 is $23,732.



  1.  A donation of $500 was received from the Comerford Charitable Trust.  A thank you has been sent.
  2. A letter of thanks was received from the Schuylkill County Visitors Bureau for membership support.
  3. A donation of $2000 was received from the Mahanoy City High School Alumni Association, along with notification that the group has formally disbanded.  A thank you has been sent to Shirley Ryan.
  4. Thank you letter was received from Tom Ward Sr. on behalf of the Upper Schuylkill Bank, acknowledging our donation to their summer concert series.
  5. A letter was received from borough manager Dan Lynch which contained a lease agreement for the research room.  Agreement runs through December 2017 at $100 per month.  Peg Grigalonis will sign and return copy.
  6. Six Christmas Tree postcards were sent to Mark Purcell as a thank you for allowing us to use the photo as a fund-raiser.



  1.  The Mahanoy City 1916 DVD has arrived and is for sale at $12.
  2. Peg Grigalonis reported on the program surveys from the 2 programs held at the Teen Canteen.  All responses indicated either excellent or very good, with the exception of the comfort category.
  3. Peg Coombe inquired as to the status of scheduling the audit.  Virginia Motsko was not in attendance to report.





  1. Fifty packets of ten post cards each, containing scenes of the Mahanoy area have been purchased from Vistaprint.  They are available for sale at $10 per pack.  The new sale items have been advertised on the Historical Society website as well as Facebook.  Shirley Ryan will also be contacted to do a posting.
  2. Notification was received from Scott Herring regarding the celebration of 250th anniversary of anthracite coal.  We are able to send in a photo and have license plates made at a cost of $12, to be sold for $20.  Decision to pursue was tabled.
  3. The Historical Room will be closed Wednesday through Friday, November 23-25, for the Thanksgiving holiday.  The room will be open on Saturday evening, November 26, from approximately 6-8 for the Community Christmas celebration and tree lighting. 
  4. Peg Coombe, Paul Coombe, and Charles Palulis will meet on Monday, November 21, 2016 at 1 PM to decorate the front window and put up the Christmas tree.
  5. Envelope stuffing of the 2017 newsletters/ membership requests will be held on Wednesday, November 30 at noon in the historical room.  Peg Grigalonis will send out an email request for volunteers.
  6. Paul Coombe attended a meeting of the local historical societies at the County Historical Society in Pottsville.  He reported that our membership total is second only to that of the county society.
  7. Bridget Fowler has expressed an interest in the possibility of acting as liaison between the Mahanoy Area High School and the Historical Society.
  8. Peg Grigalonis made the following accessions report:
  9. 90 individuals have donated items since the beginning of 2016, including a number of items from Shirley Ryan.
  10. Judy Brayford donated her personal collection of memorabilia about Arthur Lewis, including a collection of books signed by the author.
  11. Peg Grigalonis obtained a number of old books, some dating from the late 1800’s,  from the Mahanoy City Public Library.
  12.  Peg Coombe inquired as to the existence of a policy regarding persons requesting the return of donated items.  Paul Coombe will check the by-laws.
  13. A motion was made by Paul Coombe and seconded by Peg Coombe to modify the room hours for January through March.  The historical room will be open for those months on Fridays only, from noon to 3 PM, and also by appointment.  Motion carried.
  14. As part of the community’s Ethnic Day on June 3 of 2017, the historical society will hold a “Celebrate the Arts” event at the Teen Canteen.
  15. The production of the Kaier video will take place sometime in the spring, thereby including the demolition.


The meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Jim Shaup and seconded by Paul Coombe.  There will be no meeting in December.  Next meeting will be as needed during the winter months.
Peg Coombe, Secretary




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