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Mahanoy Area High School

Class of 1968

Happy 50th Reunion

Saturday, October 6, 2018




Mahanoy Area High School - Class of 1960


Mahanoy Area High School - Class of 1961


Mahanoy Area High School - Class of 1962


The Class of 1963- Mahanoy Area High School


The Class of'63 became the first class to complete four years as part of Mahanoy Area High School - the jointure of Mahanoy Township and Mahanoy City High which occurred in September of 1959. The class of '63 was also the Centennial class, graduating during the 100th anniversay year of the borough of Mahanoy City.




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The Class of 1964 - Mahanoy Area High School



Beatles, Beach Boys, LBJ vs Barry Goldwater, Clay vs Liston, Summer Olympics in Tokyo - it's hard to believe that 50 years have passed . Click below to view Mahanoy Area's Class of '64.






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Fifty Years Ago - The Class of 1965





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The Class of 1966- 50 Years Ago








Remembering the 12th Street School


My grandmother's backyard was just across the street from the 12th Street School. One of my earliest memories is of seeing children at recess just across the street from where I played as a preschool age kid. My dad and his siblings attended 12th Street as did my grandmother's younger siblings and my wife attended 12th Street as a kindergarten student in 1956. ( See the photo at the bottom of this page.)


12th Street was a big part of the lives of many "East End Kids" for more than 75 years. It's hard to believe that it's been almost forty years since the building closed Coal helped build the school in the 19th century with the influx of miners to the "East End" and coal played a part in its demise when blasting along the road to Delano north of 8th Street in the early 1970s caused damage to buildings in the east end of town including the school. It was at that time that the Mahanoy Area School Board realized that the days of 12th Street were numbered. In the late 1970s construction began on the new school complex. Upon completion of that project the last of Mahanoy City's historic elementary buildings were closed.The 12th Street building was sold in 1980 and demolished shortly afterwards.






Demolition of the 12th Street School- 1980









Residence on the Site of the Former 12th Street School - 2016







80 Years Ago- Remembering the Class of 1935 MCHS


The images below were captured from a 16mm video which was brought to the historical society by Francis "Red" Burke.The Individual frames of the 16mm reel were scanned with a slide scanner . The historical society is previewing films in this manner in preparation for possible digitization.


I've added some information from the 1935 Maroon and Black yearbook in case you want to search for names to go

with the pictures.You may see your parents or grandparents in some of the frames.The video was shot right in front of the high school at Fifth and Centre. It's amazing to see Coach John Goepfert, Miss Stella Hinch, Howard Amour, Bill Becker, Garf Lewis and others in action. Look carefully for basketball great George Senesky among the eighth grade basketball players and take a close look at the band as they march east in the four hundred block.



It's interesting to note that in the days before television, computers and cell phones the Mahanoy High School students of 1934-35 found time to put on two plays: "The Patsy", which was the Senior play and the Gilbert and Sullivan Operatta ,"Iolanthe", which was performed by the Junior and Senior classes. The Junior class also performed "A Christmas Carol" on December 21, 1934.


After looking at the pictures you can read a copy of the December, 1934 Nugget. Eighty years ago this month the staff of the Nugget would have been preparing the Nugget's Christmas edition for publication at the Record American.


Thanks to Shirley Ryan for digitizing all of the Mahanoy City High School Nuggets ( 1927-1959). They are available for purchase on a DVD from the historical society. Cost is $10.00. The historical society also has available a digitized version (CD) of any Mahanoy City High ( Maroon and Black) and Mahanoy Township High ( Corinthian ) yearbook. Cost is $10.00.






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