World War II




Remembering Sergeant Barney Nork

Flying "The Hump" in WWII


Barney Nork left Mahanoy City on Monday, September 7, 1942 via the Reading Railroad along with 46 other local men to report for duty at New Cumberland, PA Army Depot. Among the familiar names in the group that left town at 7:35 that day were: Edward Boczkowski, John Haughney, Francis Flaim, Frank Maff, Thomas Peters, John Brocker, Nicholas Kohan, John Bross and Robert Derrish. Another group of 24 local men left Reading station at 10:42 A.M. for Camp George G. Meade, MD. Among that group were: Raymond Picciano, Joseph Alansky, Joseph Kieres and Joseph Sullivan.


After boot camp, Pvt. Nork attended Radio Operators School at Traux Field, Madison, Wisconsin. From there Barney left for duty overseas where he served as a radio operator from May 14, 1943 to July 10, 1944. During that time he was in the air for over 300 hours flying over the Himalaya Mountains aboard cargo planes which carried much needed supplies to our allies in China after the main land transport route, the Burma Road, had been occupied by the Japanese. For his gallant service Pvt. Nork was awarded the Army Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross.


After the war Barney and his wife, the former Millie Shadis of Mahanoy City, moved to New Jersey where they lived for many years before eventually returning to Mahanoy City. Barney died in 2001 at the age ninety-four.


Thanks to Joan Hutira Kaczmarczyk, Barney Nork's niece, for providing pictures, memorbilia and information.














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World War II Flag Raising


Father John J. O'Shea, pastor of St. Canicus Church, sent this picture as a postcard to Private John Long , one of the many St. Canicus parishioners who served our country during WWII. It looks like the postcard traveled from Mahanoy City to Fort Knox and then to Fort Benning and Fort Bragg. Father O' Shea's message to John reads,


" Dear John, Your star is in this flag. You will always be remembered in St. Canicus Church. Best Wishes, Father O'Shea."