Top Photo -Pioneer Outing


Centenarian John "Puck" Sullivan, coal region historian, tells about his experience as a kid in the 1920's this way in the Evening Herald: "Most kids in my day got to the park once a year which was when your church held a picnic. Our church affair, always held in mid-July was called the Pioneer Outing. We saved up for it by picking and selling huckleberries which earned us enough money for the swimming pool, the rides, doggies, Larkin's Ice Cream and Ryan's temperance. That was in addition to all the fine fare in the family picnic basket."





Bottom Photo - Boxing Matches


Puck Sullivan describes the boxing matches during the 1930's as something not to be forgotten. Under the leadership of A.P."Beaut" McLaughlin and Herbie Noakes, Lakewood's were among the best fight cards ever presented. One of the greatest was the battle royal between two of the toughest men to set foot inside any ring. Iron Mike Kushwara of Morea Patch and Matt Rice of Gilberton. Rice won. According to Sullivan,"No one thrilled us more than the immortal Pat Igo, Shenandoah's 'Bertin Harp", who was always colorful."








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