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Lakewood Summer Theater


Construction for the theater began in 1948, and the theater opened for the summer season of 1949. The exterior was cinder block. The interior had a fully equipped stage and four backstage dressing rooms. There was plush seating for 638 on the main floor and more in the balcony. Fully air-conditioned but not heated, the theater was only opened during the summer and early fall months.







Bottom Left - Lana Turner


At the time Lana Turner appeared again at Lakewood Park in 1977, she was one of the top ten actresses whose motion pictures had grossed more than any other in the history of film. In 1971, she had her stage debut in a comedy and continued through the 1970's with more comedies like the play she performed at Lakewood, Bell, Book and Candle.


Bottom Right-John Raitt


John Raitt is most famous for his two broadway leading roles: Carousel, offered to him by composers Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Pajama Game, in which he also starred in the movie version with Doris Day. Raitt starred in a two-actor musical at Lakewood, I Do,I Do in 1977. John Raitt is also the father of Bonnie Raitt, singer and songwriter.








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