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Political Events at the Lakewood Ballroom


Politics were always important to people in the coal region, and ballrooms served as great venues for events and rallies. Seated in the large open area, one could see and hear his or her party's favorite candidate. Many noteworthy politicians rocked the Lakewood Ballroom as much as any dance band could. This picture is from the Republican banquet for candidate William Scranton for governor and candidate Barry Goldwater for president.







Bottom Left - Doris Day


Most big bands and their vocalists traveled by bus, but Doris Day came by train. Before her movie stardom, Day sang with Les Brown and His Band of Renown. Day is pictured here in 1947, posing for an admirer while she waits to be picked up at the Tamaqua Reading Railroad station on her way to Lakewood Ballroom for a Thursday night gig. (Courtesy of Save Our Station)


Bottom Right- Duke Ellington


One of the most influential figures in jazz, Duke Ellington gave American music its own sound for the first time. Ellington played over 20,000 performances in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia and thrilled audiences at Lakewood Park returning annually.










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