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Spillman Engineering Company Carousel, 1928


Known as the flying horses or merry-go-round, this spectacular 52 animal carousel was manufactured by Spillman for Lakewood Park. The ride operated until 1984 when the park closed. It was one of only three ever manufactured and features German hand-carved horses, giraffes, goats, and lions; 1,200 lights; gleaming brass poles; magnificent artwork on its interior and exterior screens; and music by a Wurlitzer organ. The flying horses were sold in 1984 to the Van Andel Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is open to visitors who want to experience a ride on this wonderful work of art.






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Aerial Photograph, 1970's


This bird's-eye view of Lakewood Park shows the Octopus (bottom left) and the Lindy Loop and Hey Dey (directly above). The center group of rides includes the Looper, Flying Scooters, Laugh in the Dark, and Dodgems. On the far right is the Wild Mouse. Along the park's walkway are, from left to right, the restaurant, the Altoffs waffle stand, the skating rink, (beer hall), the bingo stand, and the roller coaster.







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